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Regular practice acts as a tool for a personal empowerment, better health and physical fitness. One of Swatantra Yoga’s missions is to allow every person to experience benefits of yoga.


Sedentary life-style combined with a poor diet are proven to have a profound negative impact on one’s health and so overall life quality. With such life-style we begin to feel imbalanced, stressed, less creative, and gradually start experiencing symptoms such as back and neck pains, shoulder stiffness, tired eyes, headaches ... Yet, these all can be reversed with a regular yoga and meditation practice. In Swatantra yoga we understand that taking some days off  of work is not always an option for everyone. Thus we designed a Corporate Yoga Program, specially tailored for those working in offices.  We come to your office's door step and bring yoga straight to you.


There are many proven benefits of corporate yoga programs, including:

- happier employees who are full of energy and hence more productive

- improves efficiency, employees‘ vigilance and leads to more calm default responses to usual stressful situations

- improves the concentration, decision-making skills and multi-tasking ability

- head, neck and back stress, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and most of the sedentary life-style related problems can be reversed automatically with the regular yoga practice


Health is Wealth


In Sanskrit the word "swasth" means ‚a well being in all aspects of self‘ . Daily yoga and meditation combined with healthy, nutritious food give us energy, longevity and vitality. Our "swasth" is the foundation upon which we can live a fulfilled and happy life.


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