Nad Yoga & Sound Healing

Nad Yoga & Sound Healing Therapy


This whole universe is moving from vibrations. Sound Yoga is a very simple process to provide stability to the mind, and balance to the body and soul. There are two types of sounds: anahad nad (sound) - a self-imposed sound; and ahad nad - the sound produced by striking of two objects.


In Swatantra Yoga we encourage and teach both by using a numerous types of musical instruments and mantras. Nad Yoga has physical, mental and spiritual benefits.


Also known as vibrational medicine, sound healing therapy is used to improve physical and emotional health and well-being by working with the vibrations of the objects that resonate. Some of the instruments regularly used for this practice are singing bowls, a gong, a bell, tuning forks, pan flute, drums but also the most basic musical instrument – your own voice (when you are encouraged to do chanting, humming, singing...), and more.

Singing bowls were originally used throughout Asia for meditation, ritualistic and ceremonial purposes. On the physical and mental level, this method of healing with the singing bowls is used to treat symptoms such as depression, anxiety disorders, it lowers stress, balances out mood swings and blood pressure, may lower cholesterol levels and improve sleep. On a metaphysical level, a person can experience deeper meditative and peaceful states, deeper connection with the self/divine, clarity of mind and intuition. Furthermore, the vibrations created during playing the instruments work with the frequencies of our body. These are then harmonised with the higher, universal frequency. This technique can also aid in chakra healing and cleansing of the blockages accumulated in our energy centres.

You are treated by a trained sound healing practitioner, in Swatantra Yoga we often hold one-to-one sessions but also hold regular group sound healing therapy evening sessions (with the singing bowls, gong and Om chanting).

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