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1. 30th October to 8 November
2. 13th November to 22nd November 
3. 24th November to 3rd December 
4. 5th December to 14th December 
5. 17th December to 27th December


We offer: 

- A small sized group yoga retreat (three - to- four participants) 

- A couple yoga retreat

- An individual yoga retreat for yoga teachers and healers 


PRICE per person: 

- €650  for small group and couple retreats (for the details of what is included in the price, please scroll down to the Retreat description section). 

€950 for an individual yoga retreat for yoga teachers and healers. 


Registration forms will be sent via email.  Please contact us to receive one. 


Swatantra yoga offers a sanctuary for all who wish to experience a Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the spiritual heart of India. We are located on the banks of one of India's most sacred rivers, The Narmada. It is the place where pilgrims have walked for thousands of years for the purpose of self realization. We have chosen our yoga retreat base in the ancient temple town of Maheshwar, a place dedicated to Lord Shiva who is said to have transmitted the first teachings of tantra and yoga to his consort Parvati. Maheshwar therefore has a long history of Yoga, Meditation and spiritual arts and thus holds a particular energy conducive to healing, awakening and transformation. We invite you to experience the spiritual ambience here, be it on a weekend or long retreat amidst the beautiful temples and stunning natural scenery.



10 days one-to-one yoga retreat 


Swatantra Yoga Retreat brings the opportunity for already established yoga teachers, yoga practitioners and healers to experience an individual yoga retreat. Your path most likely involves working as a spiritual guide or teacher for others. Constantly donating your time and energy to others can take you out of yourself. But as much as you love being there for others, it is equally important to give time to yourself to rejuvenate and keep on establishing your own strong, balanced and potent center.

Come to recharge, restore and rejuvenate your body, mind and energy in one of India's sacred places. 

During the ten days you will also practice various ancient time-proven techniques, including yoga, meditation, healing therapies, nad yoga and fire ceremonies. There will be a handful of trips and excursions to the nearby sacred places. You will be nourished with delicious vegetarian food, grown locally and organically.


What to expect:

You will a have daily yoga class, typically one hour in the morning. While the physical postures are not all that yoga is, asanas help us to utilize healthy, blockage-free and energy receptive body. The classes will be held either on the banks of the river Narmada or in a pilgrims’ ashram very nearby. The authentic places where the yogis in the heart of India have been performing their sadhana (practice) for thousands of years.

You will do physical cleanse. This includes jal neti (a simple procedure for maintaining nasal hygiene by means of irrigating the nostrils with warm salty water) and various pranayama (breathing) exercises to clean and clear what has physically been stuck in your body.

You will have satsangs. Whatever it is that has been putting the weight on your chest, take it out. Your yogi will be there to listen and guide you from the place of darkness, to the place of light and self-understanding. Just like a gu-ru.

You will meditate and do swadhyaya (Sanskrit for self-study) practice. As there will be only you and your yogi guide, you will be taken to sacred sites and places which are usually not accessible for bigger groups. These are vibrating of energies, supporting your meditation, allowing you to go deeper.

You will experience homa. We will make fire ceremonies (homa) in traditional, vedic way. Fire burns, cleanses, purifies and transforms.

And sound therapy. We are using hand-made Tibetan singing bowls and a Buddhist gong to deepen the healing sound vibrations, restore diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

You will do field trips to temples, sites and experience an authentic yoga pilgrimage on the sacred banks of the river Narmada. Ma Narmada, as referred by the locals, has been walked by millions of pilgrims since the days of yore.

You will eat vegetarian, balanced, satvic food. Locally grown, seasonal (of majority) and prepared in traditional way, using healing Indian spices and herbs.




10 days - €650 pp


Through yoga and yoga philosophy, couples will learn the method of how to actually BE together. Couple Yoga Retreats is for those couples which are maybe struggling to find the peace and deep love for each other, lost years ago. This is a journey of the self and will teach you to walk peacefully and lovingly by the side of our other half. Couple Yoga Retreat is also for those couples who don’t necessarily feel they need to change something in their relationship but want to experience deeper connection.

A reminder, you don’t have to be trained or experienced in yoga to apply to this retreat. Every person despite of age, gender and abilities are welcome to join.


What to expect:

For the details of the schedule for the Couples Yoga Retreat, please refer to the Individual Yoga Retreats section.

The daily schedule will be similar to the one of the Individual Yoga Retreat schedule but, likewise tailored to your and your partner’s needs. It is mainly the content of the teachings which will differ from other retreats. So for example, you will learn about deep philosophy of love, not only as a theoretical knowledge but through the guided practical exercises and experience.

During your satsangs you will get a chance to speak openly with your yogi as a couple, but also discuss any issue or topic individually, if you wish to.


The dates for the Couples Yoga Retreats can be negotiated and adjusted to your and our schedules. Please, contact us for more details.




10 days - €650 pp


This would be a similar yoga retreat to one of those which we are used to see online or often offered by your local yoga studio nowadays. Yet, it is different.

You can book this type of retreat if you are a handful of friends, colleagues, yoga enthusiasts or even family members (the possibilities are endless here), who would like to experience traditional science of yoga and simultaneously be in the circle of people you already know and feel comfortable with.

We recommend a group of five to eight people, so your yogi can still pay full attention to all of you while you all can benefit from the vibe of the immersed energies.

As a small group you will still get a chance to visit sacred sites, where the bigger groups and general public are restricted to enter.

For small size group yoga retreats there will be an additional yoga class daily. You will start your day with a morning class and also see the sun off with the sunset class on the banks of the river, or in the nearby pilgrims’ ashram.

If you are an individual who would like to join a small size yoga retreat but don’t have already a group of people to join, (and you wouldn’t like to experience an Individual Yoga Retreat), you can still contact us and we will try to find the best possible solution for you.


The dates for the Small Size Yoga Retreats can be negotiated and adjusted to your and our schedules. Please, contact us for more details.


Retreat Package

What's included in the retreat price: 


- a transport from and to the Indore airport

- 9 nights hotel accommodation

- two times yoga classes, meditation, breathig techniques & relaxation during sunrise and sunset hours
- a day long trips to sacred towns and places of Mandu, Omkareshwar, Sahastradhara

- lesson about benefits of traditional herbs and old ancient Indian home remedies (adjusted to your needs)
- practical lesson about fire ceremonies and their benefits
- visit to the ancient meditation sites in Maheshwar and surrounding places
- experience of nad (sound) yoga in different meditation chambers





Maheshwar is full of beautiful temples, forts, river ghats and ancient shrines all held within the beauty of the River in her widest aspect, reflecting glorious open sky scapes. Maheshwar has an over a hundred ancient temples. Maheshwar has timeless charm that is rare now to find in India. We therefore feel blessed to invite you to experience this unique opportunity to come and experience authentic and spiritual India.


Sahastra Dhara

Sahastradhara literally means thousand streams and this impression is formed when river Narmada flows through rocky river bed. The place should be visited in monsoon seasons to get the impression of thousand streams. However, in the monsoon season you can't take the bath. During other seasons the water level is lower, hence worth visiting too. Then one can enjoy and meditate in the beautiful waterfall in the holy river Narmada. 



This ancient fort city sits in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It's surrounded by stone walls dotted with darwazas (gateways) and very old caves, surrounded by the beautiful hills, old ancient Indian meditation centres. It's also known for its Afghan architectural heritage. Landmark buildings include Hoshang Shah’s Tomb, a domed marble mausoleum, and the vast Jami Masjid mosque with courtyards framed by colonnades. The imposing, centuries-old Jahaz Mahal palace stands between two lakes. Mandu is also popular for its breathtaking sunrise and sunsets.



Omkareshwar is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is one of the twelve revered Jyotirlinga temples of Shiva. The town sits on an island called Mandhata or Shivapuri in the Narmada river. The shape of the island is believed to be the Hindu symbol Om. According to many, this place has a very healing vibration.

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